About H2O

At Healthy Happy Organic, we sincerely believe commercial success and environmental friendliness are compatible, and we intend on using every bit of technology to make it happen.

Growing up in a small farming family back in India, we not only got a firsthand look at the depletion of soil quality and its consequences on product quality and healthiness but also on farmers’ morale. You see, with poor soil quality, the land becomes unsuitable for agricultural practices very, very fast. This then causes a lot of distress for many farmers across the country, long-term food security issues, and groundwater depletion.

Not only do we want to help the people growing and producing healthy, organic, and sustainable goods, but we also want to provide the highest possible number of such products on retailers’ shelves.

People are getting more and more conscious about their environmental impact. Concern over health is on the rise. And every day, climate change is at the forefront of people’s minds. By promoting organic producers, we also help consumers have access to more organic and healthy goods, which is a better choice for their health and for mother nature.

We want to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for everyone!

In business just like in life, everything works in a circle. We can make it virtuous by

  • Promoting sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices, thus enriching soil fertility
  • Promoting the growth of organic and non-GMO products, which will, in turn, create a healthier, happier population
  • Encouraging the use of natural fabric for the clothing industry, thus massively decreasing carbon emission and the overall pollution of our ecosystem

Or we can keep this circle vicious…

We know which type of circle we want to create and be a part of. How about you?

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Our Vision

Accelerate the transformation of our planet into a healthier, happier, organic, and sustainable place for us and for future generations!

Our Mission

Empower one million small and medium-size businesses to thrive economically while offering healthier alternatives to the world!

Our Values

  • Being of Service
  • Reliability & Dependability
  • Diversity & Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Respect & Devotion
  • Environmentalism

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