Shipping and Delivery


Your purchases shall be delivered by the Seller who shall be listed on the website. You accept and acknowledge that we will undertake to assign a third-party logistic service provider to undertake your delivery from the Seller’s place of origin to your doorstep and we have no additional obligation apart from standard delivery obligations and duty of care in terms of the dispatch.

Duration for Shipping and Delivery

All orders placed through the Platform shall be shipped from the Seller’s location and the seller shall undertake to mention the same on the product page which can be viewed during your order. The Seller may undertake to provide you with SMS and Email communication on a successful dispatch of the order placed by you with the timeline and duration of the delivery.

We will not be responsible for any such delay in dispatch or delivery which may or may not be due to any Force Majeure events occurring or on a default by the Seller.

Mode of Shipping and Delivery

All orders placed through the website shall be shipped by the third-party logistical service provider that we will undertake to provide to the Seller.

We may undertake to sign such agreements with the Third-Party Logistical service provider as may be required to secure the transactions.

Delivery Charges

The Delivery Charges shall apply to all the orders placed through our website by default except exclusively defined in product description page. We will undertake to charge the same based on a number of factors which includes quantity, size and the location of the seller. In addition, there can be duty and customs, international handling fees for products delivered from international locations. Please note that all the delivery charges shall be displayed while processing the cart and in the invoice generated.


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