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Get your very own branded website on our platform. What’s more? Branding, marketing, and sales support from our team, so you can focus on what you do best: producing quality, sustainable, organic, and healthy goods.

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Build trust with major players in the wholesale industry thanks to our one-stop hub for anything organic, sustainable, healthy, and happy.

Offer Net-60 Payment Terms to Your Buyers

Provide buyers with your best products, and we’ll make sure you get paid without hassling them. And don’t worry, because we’ll pay you on a weekly basis as soon as shipments reach our retailers, you get paid on time every time too!

Become a significant part of the future of the organic wholesale market and make a difference right now!
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Paperless Invoicing  
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Best onboarding and display fee with big box retailers  
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Leadership mentoring  
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What is H2O?

H2O is a systemized online wholesale platform set up to help organic and sustainable products sellers simplify and grow their business. We help you make your products available to retailers, supermarkets, clean beauty stores, beauty spas, health and wellness stores, nutrition & supplement stores, pharmacy, specialty stores, restaurants ...

How to sell on H2O?

Register as a seller on our Wholesale hub, and we’ll verify you’re for real.

Once you are verified to be an organic and/or sustainable seller. You can list products for retailers and bulk buyers to shop.

Become an H2O verified seller: Apply to sell on H2O

Where is H2O available?

H2O is currently available in the US and India.

If you are a seller in other regions, contact us directly at:

Can I list all my products on your platform?

After becoming an authorized H2O platform seller, we will create your H2O brand page on which you can list all your products and make them available for wholesale purchase.

Unfortunately, you are not authorized to list or sell wholesale products that you do not make or that are not under your brand on your H2O brand page.


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